Lonely Hearts – May 6 and 7

May 6 and 7 starting at 10pm

“I can’t believe they play this song!” The Lonely Hearts are a non-stop party band. From The Beatles, Shania Twain and Weezer, to ABBA, Jackson 5 and The Killers, they mash up every decade into their own raucous, upbeat party blender for a night of endless singing and dancing.

Ellen Daly – May 7

May 7 from 6-9pm

Gen-X – May 14

May 14 playing an early acoustic set from 6-9pm and a full band party set starting at 10pm

GEN-X is Toronto’s Hottest 90s Rock Cover Band, bringing all the big, timeless favourites and one-hit wonders you forgot you loved to keep you dancing and singing along on that nostalgic high all night!

Running Red Lights – May 20 and 21

May 20 and 21 starting at 10pm

Canadian Songwriting Contest Winners Running Red Lights have come a long way since 2006. The band became a prominent part of Canada’s growing live music scene and out-rivalled some of Canada’s top indie bands to become the winners of the Youdiscover Live Music Concert Series. The band went on to perform more than 100 shows a year, touring all across Canada and Europe.

Gareth Bush – May 21

Saturday May 21 from 6-9pm

Big Shiny 90s – May 28

Saturday May 28 starting at 10pm

Every Saturday, Gladstone House will engage the local community with live music and entertainment.