Victor Monsiváis: Guitar/Vocals
Jon Farrell: Guitar
Frank Sants: Double Bass

Victor Monsivais Jazz Trio has been performing in the G.T.A. for over two decades in all kinds of events and venues; including the legendary Rex Hotel, the Reservoir Lounge, the Gladstone Hotel, The Lula lounge; and for the last ten summers, the VM Jazz has been selected to perform in the Toronto Jazz Festival Club Series.
The ensemble consists of band leader Victor Monsivais: vocalist, composer, and arranger, who sings in both, English and French and plays the guitar with the true Swing and Gypsy Jazz beats; Guitarist John Farrell, who is also the lead guitar for Club Django Toronto and performs with amazing technique and renders complex and beautiful solos, and bassist Frank Sants, who delivers deep toned bass lines with precise timing, as well as creative solos.
Often times VM Jazz ads talented and respected local musicians as especial guests to the ensemble, for a quartet or larger formats.

VM Jazz repertoire draws from the greatest composers such as Monk, Ellington, Van Heusen, Porter, Reinhardt. They also play Victor’s arrangements to traditional French and Latin tunes and pop classics, as well as Monsivais’ own compositions.

Victor Monsivais Jazz’s musicians achieve, apparently effortlessly, the swing groove which invokes that indescribable mood and romance that reminisce a Manhattan evening in the fifties, when they perform jazz standards; the marked beat of La Pompe, when they do Gypsy Jazz, and that soft velvety touch when playing ballads.