Large Constellation Installation
Don’t You Miss The Days, When Did You Start, Where Did You Go, The Smell Of Repetition Really Is On You (2020), Laugh The Same Way, I Make It Better, When You Change, Feel The Vibe, I Belong, I’m Gone, Set You Free, Only You, Mini 45, Mini 46, Mini 47, 2021 unless otherwise noted

Small Constellation Installation
I Might Not Ever Come Down (2020), Some Kind Of Majesty (2020), The Start (2021), Mini 48 (2021)

Is It Modern, 2020

Been There, Done That, And Again, 2021

About the artist

Emily Carriere is an award-winning Toronto-based artist. She creates intricate cut out vinyl and acrylic artworks. She works intuitively, letting the process take over, which allows the work to reveal itself through the natural progression of experimentation. The results are abstract images which can be interpreted an endless variety of ways depending on the viewer’s experiences, memories, and histories.