BooksBy 2021
acrylic, oil pastel, archival ink on canvas

Untitled, 2021

About the artist

A Childhood Remembered. Running around the living room before dinner — After walking around the block for 30 minutes just to get fresh air. Finding a favourite show — Mine was Ninja Turtles — Yours might be Santiago Of The Seas?? For Now. Snack! Tiny Desk for 30 minutes? Ups & Downs — Frustrations. Teaching/ Learning/ Remembering — REPEAT— 20/21

Mony Zakhour is a Lebanese-Canadian self-taught artist who lives and works in Toronto. Zakhour currently works in the contemporary abstract, from canvas to murals; in the past he has produced works ranging from portraits to urban landscapes. He has had five solo shows and been part of many group shows in galleries across Toronto. His work has a strong focus on movement, creating shapes and layers. Zakhour’s work is designed chaos that gets chipped away and structured by adding shading and line work.