Spirit Salmon, 2021
Shapeshifting, 2021
Messenger Crow, 2021
Spirit Salmon 2, 2021
Protector, 2021
oil on wood paddle

About the artist

Tom Wilson’s artistic passions have driven him for over forty years. He has always painted and drawn as a form of meditation and expression. His core visual arts practice is painting. Tom generally works in large canvases (4’ X 6’) with each piece containing a narrative or text that are blended into both the back- and foreground. The text narratives are part of the storytelling, relating to thematic context of the central image or story. His basic colour palette is derived from nature, Indigenous Woodlands style artworks and a hint of contemporary pop culture. Tom is expanding his practice to include installation / video pieces that will further extend his artistic expression and explorations of materials and media. Tom was honoured with the Hamilton Lifetime Achievement Award for the Arts in 2021, and will release his first art book in December 2021.